1L springs and the mds delete. Is this amount of RPM fluctuation normal at idle? Seems rather rough to me. Jul 09, 2009 · I have a 96 dodge ram 2500 w/5. Sorry for the long post. Problem: Intermittent idle fluctuation--idle cycles between 600 rpm and 1,500 rpm (up then down). Once it levels . TexasTodd Dodge Dakota JOIN HERE 11/02/2003 23:02:57: RE: RPM fluctuation IP: Logged Message: YOu know, my 01, 4. You should see your rpms increase while doing this then they  I have a 2005 Dodge ram 4. Nov 24, 2010 · I noticed that after the car shifted into overdrive the RPM's would settle in around 1200, but would then fluctuate down to about 1000 and back to 1200 and so on and so on. My '91 420SEL (151K miles) has an ever so slight, regular variation in the RPM's at idle - it is barely noticeable, I can hear Fixing Idling and Driveability Problems on Chrysler, Plymouth, and Dodge cars and minivans. 2nd Gen Ram Tech - RPM Fluctuation - Lately, my truck has been pretty weird with the RPMs. Again, start the engine and compare how it is running at a stop to how it normally runs. Come to a stop light and it will idle slightly high (about 800 rpm). This database includes information received by NHTSA from consumers either directly or as recorded by the Vehicle Safety Hotline. With the overdrive turned off, it ran fine. Jan 22, 2017 · I have a 2005 Dodge ram 1500 SLT 4. I have cleaned the throttle body very well. Fluctuating idle. May 10, 2012 · DODGE RAM FORUM - Dodge Truck Forums not at idle but when driving? Also 100 RPM fluctuation max and it's anywhere between 45-65 MPH. I own a 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 with the 4. It goes up and down a good 200 rpm. I have the same problem on my 2002 dodge ram 1500 truck. Its most likely the oil pressure sending unit. 9 it has no power till 2500 RMP then it starts building power going up hills a 4cycl. 7 L Diesel Diagnostics . It runs fine when cold or at low speeds. Average failure mileage is 124,300 miles. My problem is that once engine is warm, idle moves up and down and is unstable. The Shutting off after a cold start when you let off. 's on my 96 Ram 5. ) the truck may cut off. Other interesting engine speeds: Destructive torsional harmonic resonance occurs at 4100 RPM ; Crank and rods fail at 5400 RPM (if you make it through 4100 RPM) Aircon causes abnormal rpm fluctuations was created by Cwwprelude Greetings from down under, Eric and all members, I'm new to this forum but I enjoy and have been watching the ETCG You Tube videos and learned a lot from them. When the LR3 idles in park (especially in the mornings) and even sometimes at stop lights the engine RPMs constantly fluctuate between 1000RPMS and 500RPMs. should be 10-15 PSI at idle, to the high pressure injection If the engine hangs at higher rpm or is slow to Re: Low oil pressure at idle I havn't noticed any oil consumption at all. October 26, 2016 / Jim / RV Tech, Spending Money / 10 Comments To Idle Your Diesel Or Not, That Is The Question! The great debate over whether or not to idle your diesel engine after a long haul rages on in numerous RV forums and Facebook groups. One comment you made, is that the engine didn't cool down at an idle after overheating. Yes >> Go to Step #10. I have a 99 dodge Ram 1500 5. However, if throttle body is replaced AND a proper idle speed cannot be obtained, there is an adjustment which may be made. 7. com Car Forums! Dodge Ram Idle and Stalling Problems I have a 03' dodge 1500 with a 4. These turbos are new just like any other Holset turbo that you can purchase from your dealer, but without the dealer prices. When I am sitting at a stop - at times it the idle will flutter as described. 2 Sep 2015 2nd Gen Ram Tech - Idle fluctuating? Or put it in park after driving and she will continue to fluctuate about 750 rpm for as long as 5 minutes. The vehicle has a tendency to stall and idle low. The condition is most pronounced when traveling between 15 and 45 MPH. 7 engine. While driving, the truck is okay. Also if i push her too much to go faster too quickly it starts acting like the transmission is slipping. When I started driving it, I noticed that it was consistently idling just above 1000 RPM, sometimes staying up near 1500. Just for clarification, my fluctuation occurs without anything on, at an idle and or if I try to hold the Tach at a given RPM. 7 v-8. Above the governed speed, engine power drops VERY quickly. The 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 has 4 problems reported for rpms fluctuate with erratic shifting. Drivability seems fine, just the idle that's not working right. But most of the time it will surge, untill i kick it down. If you have a start and die or a long crank time after the vehicle sits overnight then you may need to replace the return line off of the injection pump. Hence my term "bounces" Again other than this, she runs GREAT! I'm at a loss here, would appreciate any help. An idle stop screw is set at the factory and then covered to discourage tampering. 9 Cummins Diesel 6 speed standard shift. The number of cycles and the length of the cycling operation is controlled by the engine control module. The ECM/PCM controls the operation of the fan based on engine rpm, coolant temperature, ambient temperature, vehicle speed, transmission temperature, load, etc. If your vehicle matches the model year and build dates listed below, Ford recommends installing a new throttle body to correct the problem. Battery was just replaced but the truck never had any problems Mar 14, 2007 · I do not know about the little hints when mine goes you know it 152783[/snapback] Yup Sometimes you just know. 2L. Vacuum at idle/17 deg timing is 17 Vacuum at idle/10 deg timing 14. Hello guys, So i have just bought my first Durango (V6 AWD MY 2013, around 46,000 miles) which i posted about in another post. I have no idea of the root cause. Wiki User November 25, 2009 9:55PM. 9 at idle fluctuates at idle. This idle speed is controlled by a device called an idle control valve, which is in turn controlled by the ECM (electronic control module), which transmits electronic signals to the valve to adjust the engine's engine idle speed. They can be found at official Has no power under acceleration till 2500 RPM 2 Answers. Stumble or miss at operating speed - The ECT and IAT sensors must be accurate or the injection timing will be wrong. I have a 1999 dodge ram 1500 QC for sum Yea I have a 2007 dodge ram hemi 5. Look for evidence of fuel contamination. I have a 2012 dodge cummins that I just recently deleted put a 5 inch exhaust and s&b cold air intake and h&s air intake manifold and bigger boost tube I'm running a h&s mini maxx on it and I have been noticing at low speeds my rpm are fluctuating and also when I am running down the highway does any one know what could be making this happen Feb 14, 2011 · This just happened with the truck pictured in my sig. IF I am in drive and try to keep the idle at 1000 RPM, the RPM will fluctuate but not as much Jul 14, 2015 · Dodge Dakota/Durango idle/RPM reving problem - EASY FIX 2006 Dodge Ram Stalling Issue - Duration: 2000 Dodge Durango SLT 4. Hello, for the past few weeks my Charger SRT8 has developed a breathing or pulsing idle on start-up. Has no power under acceleration till 2500 RPM 2 Answers. As I am coming to a stop while driving, the oil pressure gauge suddenly falls down to 0, then the check gauge light comes on, but only for about 2 seconds before it rises sharply back to where it is supposed to be. Idling and driveability problems can be caused by a variety of issues. 5-02 Performance Enhancement For Severe 2009 Tahoe Rough Idle RPM Fluctuation coming on at start up in the morning. May 03, 2004 · 1994-2002 BR/BE Dodge Ram Performance TSB's . This feature is provided on Ram Chassis Cab models to manually increase the vehicles idle speed to improve cabin warm up/cooldown, increase alternator output, provide increased speed to power and aftermarket installed belt or PTO driven device or other customer need for higher than idle speed RPM. When drivin at a steady speed, the RPM's sometimes jump for a second then the go back down to normal. On highway driving RPMS jump 200-300 rpm while at Nov 25, 2009 · What causes rpm fluctuation on 2002 dodge ram? Answer. Order Dodge Ram 1500 Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) online today. It was just reving up to about 2500 (best guess) and back down slowly, never holding any particular idle. 9l dodge ram idling bad and almost stalling. Right after I had it repaired my oil pressure gauge why idling at a red light would just drop and the check gauges light will turn on. RPM fluctuation / idle issue. Jul 14, 2010 · This isn't normal. Aug 13, 2015 · RPM's rapidly fluctuate up and down even when on a flat road under constant throttle, speed and load. Started up after and idled fine. can bet my dodge I have replaced Fuel pump, Fuel Filter, Cat,TP Sensor,IAC Senor, Coi Ram Trucks Idle Up Feature . It goes from a normal idle, rises about 100 or 200 RPM, then back down. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below. it should idle at 1000 rpm's when the engine rpm's jump up and down,suspect the iac. Presurised coolant, oil in the water, overheating, oil or coolant leaking from the gasket itself, or a spray of oil and coolant everywhere after it lifts. Compare the idle speed shown on the scan tool to the reading on the tachometer. Jan 17, 2011 · Gregg, Assuming you're talking about a slight rpm fluctuation at idle, then it's doubtful the TPS is the culprit. Idle - slight RPM fluctuation 420 SEL. I drove 250 miles today towing a boat with pickup camper with it surging practically all the way. Check out free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing while you are in store. The 5/16” rubber hose connects to the steel line on the back of the injection pump and is located behind the fuel filter housing. Using the appropriate scan tool watch idle speed. 7 pickup. Sep 02, 2009 · Have a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500. Dodge Dakota JOIN HERE 8/12/2010 01:25:13: RE: fixed idle and surging problems! IP: Logged Message: I have a 2000 Jeep grand cherokee and it seems to always roar to 2000 rpm at startup, then sometimes the idle comes down to normal. Glad to know I am not the only person experiencing the rough idle. Today while driving at highway speeds steadily (say around 60-70mph), wether using cruise control or not, alhough the speed is not fluctuating, the RPM fluctuates slightly ( i guess around 100-200 rpms UP-down) but this got me worried as it is not a normal behavior. I would also check all vacuum lines. Engine noise is also different. Full Forum Listing. P. 7 L V8 Start Up and Review - Duration: Nov 05, 2012 · My 5. I have a Hemi Ram, and my mother (yup, no kidding) has a 2010 Hemi Charger R/T, both you can hardly tell are even running while they idle. wheel left and right to keep it riding straight its a 2006 dodge ram 2500 lifted 6 inches on 2007 Dodge Durango fluctuating RPM's ! in drive and foot on the brake the RPM needle jumps around. Just noticed what I think is a similar issue in my 2014 RAM. I have a 2004 Dodge Dakota 4. I've figured out that if i stop (in a safe place, of course) and cut the Jan 13, 2009 · Dodge ram 1996 1500 when driving at a constant speed on the freeway at 65 the rpms go up and down about 500 rpms. So now it's not just an annoying idle issue, it's a driving issue. My Cummins Engine surges like a gas engine that has bad plugs. At idle engine rpm is controlled by the computer on the VP44 fuel injection pump. 9L Cummins diesel that can restore in your Dodge Ram truck the performance lost from a worn or failed turbocharger. First let's I'm having an issue with my 98 dodge ram. (using the gas peddle bring the tach up to 1000 RPM, as an example, and hold 1000) I can not hold 1000 RPM. Post-heat operation can run for several minutes, Car engine revving problem, need advice. I can see it in the RPM gauge (twitches) and feel it in the truck - slight vibration on each flutter. NOTE: The voltmeter may show a gauge fluctuation at various engine temperatures. When I'm accelerating and get to required speed my RPM gauge either drops and steadies or jumps up then steadies back. Learn more about Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 at the Edmunds. RPM fluctuating at idle then stalls? TPS sensor? At idle, which is running about 500-800 RPM, the RPM's start fluctuating up and Hello, I am suddenly, but briefly, losing oil pressure in my dodge ram pickup. I turned it off, and stamped the accelerator pedal a few times, and that helped What causes the rpm to fluctuate on a 98 dodge ram 1500? Unanswered Questions. 9 (360). Jan 24, May 24, 2010 · 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 idle problems: What are the causes? You may also notice some RPM fluctuation going down the road. 2006 silverado rpm fluctuations if so it would be massive and probably barely idle, if the TC is slipping it should set a fault code for that. H. At random times, the truck has a wild fluctuation at idle, surging from 400rpm to 1300 rpm for approx 15 seconds before the computer corrects the idle. Sep 25, 2013 · DODGE RAM FORUM - Dodge Truck Forums RPM when I let go of the wheel. We are the #1 Dodge Diesel Cummins site on the internet. When I idle, it often will jump up to 1000 RPM while it idles, then it'll fluctuate within a range of 500 RPMs. 9 360 eng and is that the same as the fast idle if not where is that located Idle speed too low, idle speed should be 800-850 rpm minimum. Several months later I noticed the idle going up/down while driving at steady highway speed, i. Sometimes, it buries itself, and bounces from below 3,000 up to almost 5,000 Engine idling refers to the speed at which an internal combustion engine runs when the gear is disengaged. The truck is currently under the 36,000 mile warranty and the cost to fix it is approximately $4,000. M. Does the idle speed on the scan tool fluctuate more than 20 RPM while the engine is at idle? a. This cycling operation is caused by the post-heat cycle of the intake manifold heater system. Hey guys. engine) , ive prob with missfiring sometimes n recently observing rpm needle fluctuating 22 Jan 2017 High idle speeds or in some cases rough idle, stalling and hissing When you accelerate, the engine RPM increases, and as you let off the  14 Feb 2013 my truck in the morning when i started it the idle would go up and down when driving the idle would drop from 2000rpm down to 1500 rpms  23 Nov 2013 While sitting in park with engine idling turn steering wheel all the way to the left. 0L Gasoline Turbocharged Direct Injected (GTDI) engine may exhibit a poor idle quality concern that may also be described as an idle RPM dip or idle RPM too low. I have been studying the threads for about a month now and I ran across an old thread where about vp44 failures and someone mentioned that after replacing IP their fluctuation went away. can bet my dodge I have replaced Fuel pump, Fuel Filter, Cat,TP Sensor,IAC Senor, Coi 2002 DODGE RAM 1500 RPM JUMPING 11 Answers. Basically it sounds as if some of you are saying this is a normality with this engine. The engine rev's then drops, rev's, then drops. Also had to do a head gasket job, due to a burst radiator. 2007. With the engine at idle, lightly tap on the TPS with the handle of a screwdriver. 1600-2000. Dodge Ram Forum: Dodge Durango Forum: The alterator has to be a specific rpm (at least 1000-1500rpm) to produce a full Engine at idle, the battery 12. 09-08-95 V10 High Pitched Whistle at Idle; Moan coming from accessory drive system at 2400 RPM. Just over 20k kms. I have replaced the TPS sensor, the intake temperature air sensor, and the IAT sensor. can bet my dodge I have replaced Fuel pump, Fuel Filter, Cat,TP Sensor,IAC Senor, Coi Has no power under acceleration till 2500 RPM 2 Answers. Sometimes, the computer can tell you what is wrong [instructions]. I took the truck to the dealer and they were not able to find any problems with the vehicle. Idle speed fluctuation. Dodge Ram 1500 parts are car parts specifically compatible with Dodge Ram vehicles. Alldata 97 Dodge Truck TSB list-provides title and TSB number only. rpm is at 700-800 then it goes down to 500 and up to 1000 then back to 700-800 and then again it goes Mar 29, 2019 · Pay attention to low idle or stalling. 05 Dodge Ram RPM Higher than expected I just bought a 2005 Ram 1500 and on the way home it spit out the code P0507. If the LR3 is in drive and you happen to step on the gas when it is down in the 500 RPM range it will occasionally stall. The problem is much worse (more noticeable) on hot, humid days. 6 volts In order to be able to post messages on the Chevy TrailBlazer, TrailBlazer SS and GMC Envoy Forum forums, you must first register. It seems also to be worse when my lights are on. What happened with mine was when i would just start to drive it after warming it up alittle id let off the gas to coast down a hill or come to a stop and the oil gauge would drop to 0 and the chack gauges light would go ballistic. We’re the ultimate Dodge RAM forum to talk about the RAM 1500, 2500 and 3500 including the Cummins powered models. Almost feels like a vintage muscle car with a lopy cam, maybe not that exaggerated however. My 2004 Dodge 2006 silverado rpm fluctuations if so it would be massive and probably barely idle, if the TC is slipping it should set a fault code for that. If I turned off the AC/fan, the idle settled down to 600 rpm and stayed there. After doing this a few times, it would settle back down to normal and stay there a while, then do it again. 2018 1500. GROUP 18 - PERFORMANCE idle speed fluctuation at cold 18-014-01 98. Idle Speed appears to fluctuate because Tachometer jumps around at idle - A fluctuation of +/- 50 rpm is normal because the computer periodically samples the engine speed and then updates the tach. It seems like that when I turn my ac on the rpms will go up and down about five ar six times within thirty seconds. The truck throws no codes (just checked). Idle problem on my 99 dodge ram 1500 4x4, 5. 7) v-8 quad cab. Started last week (or at least when I noticed it). Truck has 50000K. This page covers fuel-injected cars. Aside from high idle issues, low idle and even sporadic stalling can both be attributed to a bad idle control valve. I been dealing with this problem for about 2 months before I finally decided to raise the hood as well as my sleeves. 1997 Dodge Truck RAM 1500 1/2 Ton 2WD Pickup 1997 Dodge Truck RAM 1500 1/2 Ton 4WD Pickup 1997 Dodge Truck RAM 2500 3/4 Ton 2WD Pickup 1997 Dodge Truck RAM 2500 3/4 Ton 4WD Pickup 1997 Dodge Truck RAM 3500 1 Ton 2WD Pickup 1997 Dodge Truck RAM 3500 1 Ton 4WD Pickup Apr 08, 2016 · 2013-2014 Focus ST vehicles equipped with a 2. I have taken it to Dodge and they say that they can not find anything wrong with it as no errors a Aug 24, 2013 · 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT 4. at 2000 rpm moving ?300rpm or so temporarily with no input from my foot and no apparent effect on driving speed. 2nd Gen Ram Tech - Idle RPM Fluctuates / Surges / Varies - I'm not even sure what keywords to search for - the R. If the idle is low and inconsistent, it may be due to an issue with your idle control valve. Dodge Ram 1500 Rough Idle? RepairPal will help you figure out whether it's your Vacuum Leak, Spark Plugs, Ignition Coil, or something else. It idles fine when cold. Ford has issued a service bulletin #10-21-6 to address a problem a low idle or fluctuating idle on the vehicles listed below. My 2004 Dodge I have a 2004 Dodge Ram 3500 5. ok when i cold start the vehicle , rpm is at about 1200 which i find normal since it comes down when engine warms up. At 1900 rpm 59mph sometimes it would run perfect. If the fluctuation is similar to a "stumble" then I would look at the possibility of a restricted injector. . What could be causing this? It doesn't do it all the time, only when I start it after it has been sitting for a while. 7 V8 with 89000miles on it. My truck is a 2002 Dodge Ram 2500 has about 2 weeks at a dealer (weisner Dodge) with both of the diesel pumps damaged. The parts will not fit because of the Dodge Dakota JOIN HERE 11/02/2003 20:41:53: RE: RPM fluctuation IP: Logged Message: You should idle around 550 to 650 and it should be smooth. At slow drives (2-10 M. In combustion engines, idle speed is generally measured in revolutions per minute (rpm) of Car, truck, and motorcycle engines[edit]. If all other components of the fuel system are working properly and there is still a problem with the idle speed, the screw may be adjusted. Changed the Jun 13, 2016 · TCM Reprogramming File Availability for Engine Idle RPM Fluctuation on 6AT- Equipped Models INTRODUCTION This bulletin announces availability of reprogramming files for optimizing the Transmission Control Module ( TCM ) on all 2015 and some early-production 2016MY vehicles to control an engine idle speed fluctuation condition when in Park or ISSUE: Some vehicles may exhibit diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) P0505, P0506 and/or engine idle RPM fluctuation and hard starts. Drive around a while and it runs great. try the OPSU first, its only a $20 part that screws into the 1995 Dodge Ram Truck Technical Service Bulletins . The dealer is blaming the problem on the fuel. Many I mean the idle is steady, right at 700 rpm's, but it feels like a slight skip vibration. Keep in mind this is a 5 spd manual, so it's in neutral or foot on the clutch. Please join us for fun, talk and news on your Dodge Cummins Truck. The idle seems to slowly bounce from about 650 to maybe 850 rpm, back and forth, slow and methodically, like an inhale and exhale. For example, RPM's quickly move from 1,250 to 1,500 at 45 MPH. Normal idle may be at 1000RPM but then it jumps to 1500 then The 2000 Dodge Dakota has 5 problems reported for fluctuating idle. It probably wouldn't be noticeable to most people, but I noticed right away. The RPM fluctuates 500 to 400 and back then settles,then it starts again. HP curves from the 1994 Dodge sales flier *The "governed speed" is the highest speed which produces useable power. Parts from a 2002 Dodge Ram will not fit on a 2008 Dodge Ram. Usually occurs after driving a while with A/C on and then placing the truck in park. Sep 29, 2009 · I noticed a very slight rpm fluctuation when cruising the highway. But as soon as you engage the overdrive, the RPM bouncing begins. 7, with the manual real 5 speed, idles I have a 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 (4. The red light stays on for a second or two longer at start up, and the oil pressure gauge says that the oil pressure is delayed for the same amount of time. 5– 2012 Dodge 6. I'm have May 01, 2017 · The vehicle operator may experience rough idle or idle fluctuation or a MIL illumination. This problem has been ongoing for two years (and driving me a bit mad). The fluctuation-drop of RPM's during cold start was a bit of a scare to me when I began to notice it. The fact that you're also experiencing the TC lock-unlock problem might suggest electrical noise in the wiring harness. 3 psi no vacuum, around 36-37 with vacuum. (Only letters, numbers, dashes and underscores are permitted for user names) Sep 21, 2017 · BuyAutoParts. No >> Investigate fuel quality. The idle would jump up and down from 700 - 1100 rpm. I have asked alot of peaple and they are not sure. 4. Average failure mileage is 76,500 miles. com stocks Genuine New Holset Turbochargers for the 5. If you hear the engine change RPM at an idle, then your TPS is bad. The previous owner just put a brand new engine in about a year ago and it is stock except for a comp cams 268 cam, hardened pushrods, 6. You don't have any codes. I have been having some intermittent issues of the truck not wanting to idle in the morning. Something is very wrong if you idle at 1500. Ask Question Asked 6 years, Idle air control. 20 May 2009 When I start it in the morning it revs up to about 1600 RPM (normal cold start I believe) then instead of slowly dropping to normal idle speed as it  20 Jun 2012 In this article, we'll discuss engine idle issues, surging and "hunting" problems. The truck revs up from 1000rpm to maybe 1200 when I'm braking but only if I'm braking from 60km/hr and higher and drops below 1000 rpm to normal idle. 7 Stalling at idle, surges while driving. 5-15 750 rpm Idle speed (or idle) is the rotational speed an engine runs at when the engine is idling, that is when the engine is uncoupled from the drivetrain and the throttle pedal is not depressed. Starting with the basics, a high-pressure common rail fuel injection system (HPCR) used in the GM and Dodge heavy-duty pickups since the early 2000s is quite different from the previously used Pump- Line- Nozzle (PLN) systems (like those found on a P-Pumped Cummins for example, but not like those found on HPOP equipped Power Strokes). 7 V8. If the idle rpm changes when you tap, then most likely the TPS is dirty internally and needs to be replaced. Car problem(s) with the 2002 DODGE RAM 2500. These vehicles may also exhibit DTCs P2111 and P2112 after KAM has been is cleared, or the battery has been disconnected or the vehicle had a dead battery. b. General Information . The rpms idle erractically especiallly at stop lights. Low idle or fluctuating idle Ford Fix low idle or fluctuating idle on Ford Vehicles. If the fluction is always a rise, I suppose the problem could be a glitch in the idle circuit or EACV (although a bad sensor will give a code). RPM fluctuation while idling. Jul 18, 2011 · Fuel System Diesel Problem on the 2002 DODGE RAM 2500. Re: 1995 Ram 2500/ RPMs fluctuating? The RPM fluctuation could be the Torque Converter going in and out of Lockup, that is a common problem that is usually fixed by cleaning the TPS. When in park or in drive and not moving, my idle goes from 600 to 1100 RPM's constantly. e. Free Same Day Store Pickup. rpm's are above 1600 (or whatever rpm they chose), so the ECM cuts fuel thus lowering your idle, but then it can't let your engine stall on you, so its Vehicle: 1983 Dodge ram 360 small block Torqueflite 727 trans 4wd, factory stall Comp Cams 212 deg @050, base map 5013 new summit racing recommend coil, wires and plugs Holley pump and regulator 43 +/-. The idle surges up and down. Further diagnosis may determine that the MIL was caused by one or more of the following Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC's): DTC P0171 - Fuel System Lean - Bank 1; DTC P0174 - Fuel System Lean - Bank 2 Idle control valve (1995 Dodge Ram 1500) hi guys could you please tell me where to find the idle control valve on a 1995 dodge ram with a 5. Shut it off for a few and restart it runs good and - Answered by a verified Dodge Mechanic If the engine is not missing and you are experiencing just an rpm fluctuation, I would check the TPS. dodge ram rpm fluctuation at idle